Tuesday, July 21, 2009


"Multiwalk" is the title of the first song I've created I'd consider decent enough to ask others to listen to. I think it's been cooking long enough that I should stop tinkering with it and see how it ages. I'm reminded of an art teacher I had once that said (I'm paraphrasing) "the difference between 2nd graders and adults is that 2nd graders know when to stop cutting." Or something like that.

The idea behind this song is a series of intertwining "walks" that lead to a near-miss crescendo then resolve with the pieces moving apart again. Well, that's the idea anyway. In practical terms there is a dominant piano piece and bells piece. The piano part has two main modes and is colored with flourishes along the way. The bells part is really a faster mimic of the piano part but does have some changes, not only in tempo. Background for the whole thing is a cello and other slow background, almost, drones. The crescendo section is not quite emphatic or lined-up enough. So you're left feeling (at least I am) that it "just missed." I do like the plaintive squeal in there though...

I produced this in Logic Pro 8. I think it took something less that 6 months of calendar time. Real editing time would be on the order of days, though. Along the way I've produced probably 4 or 5 different versions... each with a different feel to the bass/slow lines. At one point I had a staccato, almost military sounding drumbeat going on behind it. After some feedback I tried using a cello and dropping the drums (except for the flourishes). I think it works the best so far.

Enjoy "multiwalk." I'd love to learn your opinions.

Update: early version with drums.