Friday, December 18, 2009

ABDF Hierarchical Pattern (Dancemix)

First tune on next album/set. I need to learn how to get off of one phrase and into another or something... abdf-hier-dancemix

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Butte songs...

Here are some of the first reasonable sounds generated by "Butte". These are MIDI sequences which I pulled into Logic and created mp3s for. All the notes are auto-generated. I didn't touch them! Sounds neat to me:


Updated: 12-7-09

Updated: 12-8-09
Ok, Ms. Anonymous/Mom: how about this one?
swirlybounce-4mom.mp3 (note this was hand-edited so it isn't really 100% auto-generated any longer :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tinsul Pop! Butte

"Butte" is the name of a rendering library I wrote ages ago while in grad school. I never distributed it outside of my own hands... and I probably can't even dig up the old code. If I recall correctly it was a retained-mode graphics API with some stuff like what wound up in VRML. That was back in the day when just getting triangle spans rendered in hardware was a big deal. "Mesa3D" was fairly new back then and "Butte" was a play on that.

"Tinsul" is the name I made up for a WoW character (gnome, warlock of course) my son played. Created from a few syllables I took from LoTR lore it means something like "sparkle wind." That it also sounds like "tinsel" makes it cute to me. Now, long ago when I was making ever more WoW characters for myself I named one "TinsulPop" for what should be almost obvious reasons: Tinsul's pop/dad, get it?

Later I just liked "Tinsul Pop!" so much that I am likely to use it as the nom-de-whatever in any media/software sales I attempt. I have a product/codebase under works which I am declaring will be the "Butte" I never released.