Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Edge Effects

I'm taking the Dispersion Test setup and applying it to a Second Life virtual reality room (my little spot).

In order to generate the images I use a Blender template consisting of 6 cameras, each aimed down an axis. The camera properties have been chosen carefully to basically provide non-overlapping, but abutting, images of the surrounding world. Then each camera position is rendered and the resultant image becomes one of the sides of the virtual reality room cube. I've done this before successfully with Blender's default renderer.

So ideally I could just move my dispersion test setup into the template, use LuxRender for each camera position and be done. However... Unseemly seams are something I can't seem to get rid of. Looks like the tone mapping phase is edge-variant. Hopefully there's a way around it or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

More here at the topic I posted at the LuxRender forum.

Update: jeanphi suggests it could be a filtering problem before the tone mapping phase. Not sure if I want to remove it even if I figure out how to. Might just have to calculate a slop factor and chop it off post-processing.

Update: it was the render filter. I changed it to 1x1 (effectively disabling the filter) and now the seams should line up nicely.

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