Friday, December 18, 2009

ABDF Hierarchical Pattern (Dancemix)

First tune on next album/set. I need to learn how to get off of one phrase and into another or something... abdf-hier-dancemix


  1. Well now I am truly impressed at the progression of your musical pieces. I have listen to all of the ones you have here multiple times and they all at the periods of time from the first piece to your latest is quite exceptional.
    From a good base line to the added acoustic and the melodic tempos into some very easy to listen to pieces. You need to put them into a completed state. The ones of the dancemix are particularly good. I especially also like the ones your mom commented on they are quite exceptional also. I have always been fond of the mental state of well being I used to get listening to your mom playing the piano. And these I would like to see you put in a completed state. I will be cking in frequently to ck on others you and Baily compose. I would love to be able to get the programs to be able to do some of this. It must be a Mac thing. In any event I have been listening to your work and feel you should pursue it fervently as you do have some of your moms musical genes in you.
    Be cool and hugs for the boys plz.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes working on music feels to me like what computer science did when I was a kid. Like groping in the dark. Mom got me a "music composition for dummies" type book for X-mas though. So I'm set :P