Sunday, January 3, 2010

Freesound remix

I've been lurking on for a while now. I like their idea so much I've contributed and have not one but two t-shirts to show for it :). It is a site dedicated to reusable-for-attribution sound samples. I enjoy poking around listening to bits and pieces. I'm weird that way.

To this point I've never used any of the samples. Usually in a search result I start one looping and play others on top. Much like using them in a song... sometimes the result is useful as an inspiration for something else.

Today however I found three samples right in a row that sounded neat superimposed, just by themselves. So I pulled down the samples and did a little tweaking. The result is freesound-remix-1. This reminds me of Amon Tobin. Here's a screen grab of the Logic-work necessary to get this put down: freesound-remix-1-screen.

Freesound is awesome in that it keeps track of the stuff you download so you can attribute really easily. Here are the samples I used:

Update: I posted to the Freesound forums to announce this little intro.

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